A downloadable Very cool game for Windows and Linux

Robo World is a free Top Down PVE Shooter

Story: You and some scientists tried to make robots to help the world, but it backfired and released infected robots that killed everyone but you. Use your abilities to take down the robots and save the world.

WASD - Move
LMB - Shoot
Q - SloMo Ability
E - Heal Ability
F - Dig Up X Marks the Spot
Ctrl + Shift + R - Reset
Ctrl + U - Enter Different Username

6.0 Patch Notes:

-New X Marks the Spot Camo-

-Old Map is back-
after the orbs exploding the old map has been restored

-Master Division now requires between 251 - 1000 points instead of 251 - 1000 points-

-Increased Hero Division point requirement from 801+ to 1001+-

-Mystery Camo has been removed-
Because of this being the final update there is no reason to keep the mystery camo

-Added Placeholder Text to Code Field-

This is the end...Thank You For Playing Robo World.

Minimum System Requirements:

Dual Core Proccessor @ 2.4 GHz or Higher

2 GB Ram

80MB of Storage

Sound Card

Install instructions

Download ZIP & run nw.exe (Windows) or nw (Linux)


Robo World (Windows Version) 74 MB
Robo World (Linux Version) 76 MB
About Robo World + Camo & Spray Unlock Guide 4 kB

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